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Why should I join?

Owning a boat is fun, rewarding, and can be affordable, especially if you live in an area with a year-round boating season or perhaps you enjoy the do-it-yourself projects some boat owners find enjoyable — painting the bottom, for example, or changing the engine oil or cleaning and waxing the boat.  However, if you live in New England, and your idea of summer fun is spending as much time as possible on the water with your family and friends enjoying our short boating season, then Rex Boating Club membership is a great way to get become a boater, or for former boat owners to return to boating. In fact, a Rex Boating Club membership will provide you with the opportunity to spend just as much time on the water as a boat owner at about one-third the costs of the premium-brand boat you’ll be using.  That said, we’re very proud that so many RBC members have become not just safe, confident boaters, but also boat owners — the RBC sets a great course to ownership and will help you make a better choice when buying your first boat.

Rex Boating Club, LLC BBB Business Review

In the real world of New England boating, most active boat owners get on the water 10 to 20 days a season…Take a look at the RBC website cost comparison of one year of boat ownership versus one year of RBC membership and you’ll see the advantage of beginning your boating adventures with the RBC. If you’ve never owned a boat, RBC membership will enable you to get a realistic idea before you buy of how boating fits into your family’s life.  Alternatively, if you currently own a boat and are considering a sale, RBC membership is a wonderful way to simplify and lower the cost of your time on the water.

Are memberships limited in number?

Yes. We limit membership in order to maintain a ratio of members-to-boats that will assure that you have plenty of opportunity to use all of the boating days your membership provides, and even more as your spring and late season schedule permits, during the RBC “nearly limitless off-peak” season.

What membership plans are available?

Membership plans and their associated number of Peak Season uses “ Memorial Day weekend thru Sunday after Labor Day” are shown in our brochure.  Note that on a weekday “ Monday through Friday“ use can normally be the entire day.  Each Peak Season weekend day “ Saturday , Sunday, or Holiday“ is divided into two sessions, one begins in the morning, the other mid-afternoon. Uses are assessed to the Skipper, Windward & Flotilla plan only during the Peak Summer Season.  Off- Peak Season uses are FREE, except for Weekday Per Diem and Total Use plan members.  A membership may have 3 reservations at any one time, with one reserved use per weekend, and a second use the same weekend subject to our Standby policy. Note: All memberships include a Safe Boating Certificate class for one member, SeaTow on-water assistance plan, and our comprehensive private, on-water orientation with a USCG licensed captain.

For plans and pricing, please click “Download the Rex Boating Club Brochure” PDF on the home page.

Who may operate the boat?

Any person 25 years of age and older is eligible to become an RBC member and authorized operator to take a boat out as captain.  Any SBC holder may operate the boat under the direct, continuous supervision of the RBC Authorized operator, except for Towed water sports, where only an RBC Authorized Operator may take the helm. The RBC makes it easy to get your lifetime SBC with a one-day SBC class at Rex Marine or through local providers. Recently acquired out-of-state Safe Boating Certificates are reciprocal with Connecticut too. Inquire for details.

Cobalt 255C

How do I pay for membership?

While most members pay in full before boating begins each boating season, we do offer payment options. Memberships and our season runs April 15 thru October 15. There is a 2% discount if you pay for membership by check, and we also accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Ask about our monthly payment plans, too. You can reserve your membership anytime with a refundable  Deposit. CT sales tax and fuel is additional.

Can I get a boat on weekends and holidays?

Of course you can, so long as you plan ahead. Like reservations for court times (tennis) or tee times (golf), the earlier you reserve the more likely you are to get you preferred reservation. RBC limits members to one reservation per Peak Season weekend, and the boating times on Saturday and Sunday begin with a choice of  an AM or PM  5-hour session. If you want to go out on both weekend days, we do allow you to make a Standby reservation for the 2nd use. RBC limits the number and types of memberships each season to assure that all members have plenty of opportunity to make the most of their memberships. Experience has shown that scheduling within 7 days of the desired weekend use date is often successful, and we often can say “yes” for even ‘day-of ‘ requests made on peak-season weekend days! Member usage is light most Weekdays, and normally allow up to 11 hours on the water.

How do I schedule?

99% of scheduling is done through the Rex Boating Club on-line reservation system, Schedule Master. Our members may have 3 reservations on the system up to 28 or 29 days in advance including one reservation per weekend. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are considered weekend time. Only Peak-season uses, those between Memorial Day weekend and early September diminish your Skipper, Total Use, Windward, & Flotilla plan use count .

Are there additional costs or fees?

You will receive an itemized statement listing fuel charges. CT sales tax applies to membership cost. A Deductible applies in event of damage.

What do I need to know about boating?

Nothing! Included in your membership is a safe boating class to earn your lifetime SBC, an easy quiz for anyone. Then, your membership includes a comprehensive, private, on-the-water orientation, where you can learn and demonstrate your new your knowledge with our USCG-licensed RBC training captain.

Do I need special safety equipment?

No, each boat is equipped with a VHF radio, GPS, Depth finder, life jackets, and all other safety gear required by state and federal laws. Members may bring along their own fishing gear on boats designated for fishing.

What boats are in the Club fleet?

Rex Boating Club selects only the safest, high-quality boats for our fleet boats designed for the conditions normally found on Long Island Sound. All 10 fully-equipped Club boats are late model, and Yamaha or Mercury outboard-powered, with (7) Cobalt 255C and 235C and Chapparral 250 and 230 Suncoast BowRiders for cruising and watersports. Also, two (2) Sea Hunt 234 Escape BowRiders plus a Tidewater 232LXF center-console are great for fishing as well as watersports and just cruising.

Tidewater 232 LXF

Our fleet includes Cobalt, Chapparal, SeaHunt, and other high quality models between 23′ and 25′. RBC continually evaluates our fleet mix to assure that we are meeting member needs, and welcome your suggestions on boats and anything else to improve our Club.

23SC Outboard

Tell me about the staff?

Most of our RBC staff members are college students who have a love for (and often a family background on) local Long Island Sound waters. You will find them well trained, professional, helpful and friendly. They know that the Rex Boating Club’s only purpose is to provide safe, convenient, boating fun for our members and their families and friends.

Do I need to refuel the boats, and who is responsible to pump out the pottie?

HUGE QUESTION, glad you asked. Before you arrive, RBC staff will have plenty of gas in your boat and will have emptied the potty ( the Head, in nautical terms), time consuming and not particularly pleasant tasks we know our members would rather not do. Not all Boating Clubs are willing or able to offer these services, you need to ask these questions to be sure it is not YOU who are required to handle these tasks, but the Rex BC wouldn’t have it any other way.

How does the Rex BC keep its boats looking and operating as new and in such good repair?

You may have heard: Boats require proper care & maintenance. This is not easy and requires an excellent full-service marina facility with a large parts inventory and a Service Dept staffed with Factory-certified techs such as found at Rex Marine Center. A boat lift must be on site to enable the boats to be hauled, often up to 3 times per week for inspections, routine maintenance, proper cleaning, and of course emergency repairs to enable a damaged boat to promptly get back into the service of Club members. For a Boating Club to provide the highest levels of service that its members deserve, these capabilities are absolutely essential. If you are evaluating other Clubs be sure to verify that these capabilities are in fact on site- most cannot match Rex. Without such capabilities, turn-key, consistently attractive, reliable, and well-maintained boats are not possible.

The Rex BC is not the only Boating Club in Connecticut- how do I compare?

Once you have reviewed the websites and other published information, you owe it to yourself to visit the facility, ideally by appointment. A visit is worth 10,000 words, and I believe that you will assign our Club to the top of your list. I personally handle most facility tours, which respecting your time I design to be brief but you are encouraged to spend as much time as you like to give you a good feel about us and how we run our Club. We also have an excellent Better Business Bureau rating, and if you ask friends or colleagues, or Google around, you will find that the Rex BC, est’d 2005, has the same excellent reputation as Rex Marine Center, our family business since 1936 where I have been General Manager over 30 years.

Why is Boating Better in Norwalk?

In short, the Norwalk Islands, one of only two large Island clusters in LI Sound. The Islands offer dozens of safe, protected anchorages, several quiet beaches to relax & catch some rays, picnic & camping sites, beachcombing, scenic beauty, quite a few water sports sites, and very good fishing. All just a mile or so from Rex Marine Center, where you can travel just 10 or 15 minutes out yet feel like you are a million miles away from your shoreside concerns. Without the Islands, there is just open water- fine to travel through but sorely lacking in things to do when compared to the Norwalk Islands. Adjoining towns are nice enough places to start from, but our members tell us that the Islands are their favorite go-to destinations. Plus there are many Long Island destinations only about an hour from Rex.

How do I get more information or request a FREE demonstration boat ride?

To learn more about how the Rex Boating Club can help you connect with those you care about, Please contact Bill Gardella at:

cellular:  203-984-1278

or email at or Because boating connects families and friends like nothing else.