Rex Boating Club – The Ownership AlternativeTM

To Our Prospective Members,

Thank you for visiting our website. We are proud to celebrate our 15th season as Connecticut’s favorite boating club. We have our amazing members, our fine crew, the best boats, and our unbeatable home at Rex Marine to thank for that.

At this time, we have reached membership limits on our 2020 plans, but we remain honored to continue to share information about our Club.  While new 7-day access plans will not be available until our 2021 season, we are accepting prospective members onto our wait list for 2020 weekday plan membership- we are evaluating weekday boat availability and will allow a few more memberships in June if availability to current members is deemed as represented.

Disappointment is unfamiliar currency to us, and we apologize if we are unable to accommodate you this season. We look forward to helping you , your family, and your friends enjoy Boating on the Sound in the future.

Stay well, and let me know when I can be of service- I am always happy to show you everything Rex Marine offers to boaters, and of course to show off our boats- a visit is worth 10,000 words.

Fair Skies, Calm seas,

Bill Gardella

Founder and Managing Member


The Rex Boating Club (RBC) is a membership-only club providing high-quality, well-maintained, “turn-key” boats to allow members, their families, and friends to create a lifetime of cherished memories on Long Island Sound. We started in 2005 and are proud to be Connecticut’s original “Ownership AlternativeTM.”

At a fraction of the cost, and without the obligations of ownership, the Rex Boating Club introduces unprecedented value to the pleasures of boating. Members do the boating and Rex Boating Club crew does the rest – daily cleaning, preventative maintenance and repairs, seasonal decommissioning and commissioning, winter storage, waxing, and painting, etc.

These are the types of boats you’ll use as a Rex Boating Club member!

Chaparral 250 Suncoast, 25’, 250 HP Yamaha or Mercury outboard, watersports tow bar, 12-person capacity.

Tidewater 232LXF Center-Console, 250HP Yamaha, comfy bow seating, 8-person capacity

Cobalt 250 SC bow rider, 25’, 250HP Mercury Verado outboard, watersports tow bar, 12-person capacity.

Why Join a Boating Club?

If you live in southern Connecticut or Westchester County and your idea of summer fun is spending as much time as possible on the water with your family and friends, a Rex Boating Club membership is a great way to become a boater (or for former boat owners to return to boating).

In fact, a Rex Boating Club membership will provide you with the opportunity to spend just as much time on the water as a boat owner, at about one-third the cost of the premium-brand boat you’ll be using. That said, we’re very proud to say that many Rex Boating Club members have become not just safe, confident boaters, but also boat owners; the Rex Boating Club sets a great course to ownership, if you so choose, and will help you make a better choice when buying your first boat.

Most active boat owners get on the water 10 to 20 days a season. Take a look at the Rex Boating Club cost comparison  of one year of boat ownership versus one year of Rex Boating Club membership, and you’ll see the advantage of beginning your boating adventures with the Club. If you’ve never owned a boat, membership will enable you to get a realistic idea (before buying) of how boating fits into your family’s life.  Alternatively, if you currently own a boat, we can help you sell your boat, and a Rex Boating Club membership is a wonderful way to simplify boating and lower the cost of your time on the water.

Finally, boating connects families and friends like nothing else. With so many of us feeling pulled in so many directions ashore, boating on the Sound with the Rex Boating Club is the perfect solution: helping you to connect and spend more time together, enjoying life on the water.

The Rex Boating Club makes a boating lifestyle SO easy. Members simply schedule their boating through the Rex Boating Club scheduling system, and then arrive at the Rex Boating Club dock, ready for a wonderful day on the Sound! The boat is always clean, fueled, ready to turn-the-key and go, with our friendly, attentive dock managers there to assist you and answer any questions. The only extra cost is gas.

Several types of Membership

Rex Boating Club offers several types of membership: Individual, Family, Shared, and even Corporate memberships, with special plans for weekday boaters. And Rex Boating Club’s crew help at every stage, answering questions and helping along the way. The club is managed by Rex Boating Club LLC, which traces its boating heritage back to 1936, when Louis J. Gardella founded Rex Marine Center.

What do I need to do to get out on the water?

Simply sign up! Membership starts at $995 and includes:

Safe Boating Certificate Class*

Private, comprehensive on-water orientation with a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain

SeaTow coverage

*Rex Boating Club offers a one-day state-approved boating safety class, so members can obtain their Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate and be ready to get on the water!

Interested? Contact us and get $100 of Free Gas when you become a member!

Seasonal Membership, Concierge Services

Boating So Easy!


Compare and see the great value of a Rex Boating Club membership

We’re convinced that once you look at the comparisons, you’ll see the great value of what we offer. Take a look at this Rex Boating Club Cost Comparison Chart, and visit Rex Boating Club to inspect our unbeatable combination of great people, ideal boats, the best docks and facilities, and the best harbor on the Sound. We believe you’ll see that the Rex Boating Club is your best entree into the world of boating. And if you have an interest to move into boat ownership, the Rex Marine Center family is here to help.

Cost Comparison Chart


Want to learn more? The Rex Boating Club 2021 Brochure is Coming Soon

Interested? Contact us and get $100 of Free Gas when you become a member!