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Connecticut Boating — DEP
Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy Connecticut waters yearly; pleasure boating, fishing, or traveling. In Connecticut there are approximately 150,000 recreational vessels that navigate Long Island Sound and the state’s hundreds of rivers streams, lakes, and ponds. Here you’ll find background and regulations on Connecticut Boating.

Connecticut Shell Fishing
Shellfishing – For information on shellfishing for oysters, clams or mussels, including daily limits, minimum size and areas along the coast where recreational shellfishing is allowed.

Coast Guard Auxiliary – National
The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by Congress in 1939 to assist the Coast Guard in promoting boating safety. It includes more than 30,000 members…. from all walks of life who receive special training so that they may be a functional part of Coast Guard Forces. Auxiliarists assist the Coast Guard in non-law enforcement programs such as public education, vessel safety checks, safety patrols, search and rescue, maritime security and environmental protection and Coast Guard Academy introduction programs for youth.

Coast Guard Auxiliary – Norwalk CT

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Coast Guard Local Notice To Mariners (LNM)
The LNM is the primary means for disseminating information concerning aids to navigation, hazards to navigation, and other items of marine information of interest to mariners on the waters of the United States, it’s territories, and possessions. These notices are essential to all navigators for the purpose of keeping their charts. Light Lists, Coast Pilots and other nautical publications up-to-date. These notices are published weekly. They may be obtained free of charge, by making application to the appropriate Coast Guard District or the LNM’s are available on the World Wide Web. Vessels operating in ports and waterways in several districts will need to obtain the LNM’s from each district in order to be fully informed.

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REX Marine Center
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Safe Boating Certificate
A Safe Boating Certificate (SBC) will allow an individual to operate any recreational vessel registered in Connecticut except a personal watercraft (“Jet Ski” type vessel) on Connecticut’s waters. A Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO) will allow an individual to operate any recreational vessel including a personal watercraft (“Jet Ski” type vessel). Any person required to have a Safe Boating Certificate or a Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation must have their certificate on board at all times while operating the vessel.

Tides and Currents
The mariner should be familiar with the effects of the tides and currents in Long Island Sound. This body of water rises and falls every 12 hours, and vast amounts of water move through places like Race Point on the western tip of Fisher’s Island, Plum Gut on Long Island and Hells Gate in New York on the western end of the Sound. Our local tide range is about 7.5 feet.